Feel The power of Thy Hammer!!

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Feel The power of Thy Hammer!! Empty Feel The power of Thy Hammer!!

Post by Kyon on Wed Nov 16, 2011 9:06 pm

Hi I'm Kyon Shocked A Future Crasher in the works, playing as the crasher class is awesome but when you ran out of pots your screwed so always bring pots to a fight or adventure or you'll get yourself beaten in a pulp even though we are hard as we can be we are feeling some attacks too even in small numbers those attacks can kill you slowly like a candle losing its flame well enough with that the good features about a crasher are his her hard defense and strong skills to boot though some say def is bug you can overcome it with good equips and good instincts in a battle as they say never bring a hammer to a gun fight is literally true well yea haha affraid but in this game its possible hehe. So all to the crashers who are like me more power to you Crash em all Go Crashersss!!!
p.s I love Priests especially priestess lol! hehe good buddy for a crasher*wink wink* Wink

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